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Reflexology is a form of complementary therapy, which works holistically and aims to rebalance the energy in all the body’s systems.
It does not treat only symptoms, but it tackles the root cause of diseases, because it works to free blocked and stuck energy that causes congestion, pain and other discomforts on the physical as well as mental and spiritual level.
It is practised on the soles of the feet or palms of the hands because, according to its main belief, they reflect all the organs, glands and structures of the body.
Behind reflexology there is the belief that the body, its organs and structures could be mapped in the sole of the feet or palms of the hands. Right and left foot or hands correspond to the right and left part of the body and its organs, glands and structure, parting from the midline.
Due to this correspondence, pressing specific reflex points on the foot and hands brings an effect on the related body parts and reflexologists use specific pressure techniques to stimulate different points called reflex zones.
Reflexology promotes relaxation and works to free energy blockages and clear physical and mental toxins. As it aims to restore homeostasis, it reduces stress at the physical as well mental level and bring a feeling of well being.
In theory therapists can cure any conditions and they are not even required to know the problem specifically. They initiate the healing process, but it is the patient’s body and mind which will find the power to carry on.
Reflexology treats many problems either physical or mental like :anxiety arthritis, back pain, chronic illnesses - diabetes, MS ,chronic pain, depression, digestive, migraine, sinusitis, sleep disorders, sports injuries and stress related conditions
 It has been found very effective to promote fertility and cure hormonal imbalances and it is effectively used
during  pregnancy,  to induce labour and to control labour pains.
£70 for home visit.

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