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Wrapping the abdomen after childbirth.
In many traditional cultures all over the world it is common practice to bind the woman's abdomen after childbirth with a long piece of natural material.
It is a very simple practise, which benefits go beyond having a flat tummy.

During pregnancy  as the uterus grows the abdominal organs get displaced, and the linea alba( the vertical fascia of connective tissue that holds the abdominal muscles together) becomes extremely stretched and thin that in the worst cases can form a pooch (hernia) that won’t go away without surgery .
Wrapping the belly helps the retraction of the abdominal wall muscles and the return of the vital organs to their pre-pregnancy size and positions, reducing the occurrence of hernias.
The pressure of the wrap, particularly on the hip area, helps the cervix to shrink and allows the pelvic muscles to heal and the body to close naturally. 
The Space inside the abdomen  gets reduced, helping to normalise Vata dosha, the air energy, that resides naturally in the lower abdomen and is responsible of many postnatal health problems.

Other benefits are:
  • Uterus returning to size
  • Minimize postpartum bleeding
  • Postpartum hemorrhage prevention
  • After birth contraction relief
  • Reduces postpartum internal organ swelling
  • Removes cold air
  • Encourages internal organs to migrate to their original place
  • Provides posture support during breastfeeding
  • Corrects diastasis recti (separation of abdominal muscles)
  • Gives the mother a sense of security and ” togetherness”

The Belly Bind is most effective and best used during the first 8 weeks post-partum but can be useful for support during any time of the post-partum period.
It is very beneficial also after a C-section.

Belly wraps £4o.

I offer home visits and wrapping workshops on different binding styles, including material £ 70.


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