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Closing the bones. traditional postpartum ceremony.
The hard work of giving birth deserves to be  honored and celebrated.
This special  ceremony signs the ending  of the birthing journey and aims to prepare women for motherhood.
It can be performed soon after birth-and usually 6 week after caesarean section- but it is beneficial also after many  years.
I have learned closing the bones for Rocio Alarcon an etnobotastis as well as a traditional midwife and shaman from Ecuador and Sophie who learned it from her.
The name closing translate of the words la serrada de carrera, a specific  tummy and hips manipulation and massage, traditionally practiced in Equador and other South American countries.
I am an anthropologist by background as well an Ayurvedic practitioner and I have found that massage and belly binding are common practices not only in India but also in China, Malaysia as well in some African countries.
West India women also share this tradition and it is also common in South America as part of postnatal practices that help mothers to recover during the quarantine, the 6 weeks postpartum time.
The ceremony is done usually in the mother's home  or in a place she feels comfortable.
I have combined the closing the bone with an Ayurvedic hot oil massage to give a more powerful
The massage nurtures the body and relaxes the mind. The medicated hot oil penetrates deeply and heals body aches and stiffness, balancing   energies that might have been upset by the hard work of labour, moving fluids, soothing and toning  tired muscles, and strengthening the immune system.
The specific work with the rebozo on the hips and tummy aims to bring warmth drain lymph, stimulate blood and expel the lochia, realign bladder and uterus, bones and joints and to seal the body to prevent the draining of energy.
The rebozo is a long scarf, which is wrapped around the mother, who initially stands and swings at the gentle rhythmic shifting of the rebozo. 
After she has laid down, the rebozo is wrapped around her hips, which are gently and rhythmically rocked and finally wrapped tightly.
It is believed that
during pregnancy  mother's body and in particular her hips have gradually opened to allow the growth of the baby, but after the baby is born they need to close again to prevent  pelvic instability and the draining of energy.
 During the ceremony women have felt a huge release of emotions as it can be a very deep and moving experience on a spiritual, physical and emotional level.
Babies are welcomes to stay with mum and can be fed also if they need it during the ceremony and other women can be present to support and to share the blessings.
After the hips are wrapped, other scarves are are used to gently close and seal the mother’s at head shoulders, knees and feet.
Finally when she feels ready she will be taken to have a healing bath.
The ceremony last 3 hours and 30 min. with hot oil massage and healing bath and costs £180
A shorter ceremony, without hot oil massage, £ 90 for 1 and 30 minutes.

I had the privilege to honor many women with the ceremony and I am happy to share their testimony.

Wanted to say thank you so much for the ceremony on Monday! Was very powerful and centering! I can definitely say I feel more balanced and closed emotionally  as well as physically. I would certainly would like to see you again in a couple of weeks. Alla F.

Fortunately for me I met Magherita at a workshop for doulas... I instantly felt connected to her as we spoke about Ayurveda and pregnancy... and ghee!
 As a doula myself I really wanted someone with strong spiritual grounding to perform the CTB ceremony. I believe the ceremony itself as well as the energy of the person performing it is very important. I was so pleased that Magherita had the availability so I text her soon after I had the baby and we booked for exactly a week from when my baby was born. I decided to go for the package of Ayurvedic massage, closing the bones, followed by herbal bath.
Margherita arrived and set up the space- it felt appropriate that this was just where I gave birth in my living room. 
She started with some sifting standing up to warm my bones, this was very relaxing and i felt things move internally strange to explain. I held baby throughout which was nice. She then performed the Ayurvedic massage with oil appropriate for Postnatal and my body type. It was simply divine. The sensation of hot oil on the skin is indescribable. 
 The massage was amazing and really complimented the whole treatment. The CTB followed after and this was important for me. I was pleased that I was able to do this 1 week after my baby was born. I really felt an internal shift when she was performing the various strokes. Once my bones were closed she ran me a herbal bath and explained the Ayurvedic principles behind this following the massage and the herbs that are used.
It was beautiful and very indulgent. 
 I'm very grateful that Magherita was able to facilitate the closure for me, it was an essential part to my Postnatal recovery. I noticed that my lochia had reduced considerably the same day and the days following the massage. My body felt renewed and I do think the Ayurvedic massage complimented it all. Magherita is very gentle, loving, humble (and strong!), she is a true "ayurdoula". She met my mum too which was funny as she identified some of the healing foods my mum had bought over for me. So naturally they connected too which then got mum going off on one about the healing foods and the sacred 40 days post birth. 
I wholeheartedly recommend Magherita for all things Ayurveda and postnatal healing. Sanita E.


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