doula-ayurveda: Ayurvedic medicine and pregnancy coaching - Holistic care and Ayurvedic treatments for a natural pregnancy
What I offer
Because every client is different I am flexible and happy to tailor my services to my clients requests.

My  first meeting is free of charge and as I like my client to know me and my services before making  a decision.

If they are not familiar with the Ayurvedic care I am happy to explain more in details principles and benefits.
Ayurvedic doula services comprehend pregnancy and postnatal care.
They comprise diet planning and life style counselling, treatments,yoga and herbal preparations and also assistance with feeding and baby massage during the postnatal time.

My aim is to give a practical and emotional support to enable a quicker recovering.
I have experienced that if mother feels loved she easily bonds 
with her baby. If she feels grounded and relaxed her baby feeds and sleeps much easily and is less prone to colics and reflux. 
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