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Ayurveda and pregnancy

Antenatal care
In Ayurveda pregnancy and birth are seen as an extremely important time in a woman life, a rite-of-passage during which she needs the most caring attention and support, not only for her benefit but more for the baby she carries.  
According to Ayurveda the mother and her growing foetus are so interconnected that anything she experiences, either on the physical, emotional or spiritual level, will also be experienced by her unborn child. 
If the mother is not calm and rested and does not follow a proper diet and life style she could be more easily prone to morning sickness, indigestion, increased weight gain, fluid retention, high blood pressure, spotting, anxiety, insomnia and mood swings.  
Modern research has also shown how negative emotions affect the growth of the baby. 
If the mother is very stressed, unhappy or unsettled during pregnancy, her unborn could be overly active in the womb or be born with congenital defects.  Her newborn could experience more colic, crying and sleep problems and may develop dry skin, hyperactivity or muscular and skeletal problems, while growing. 

I will address any pregnancy issues, pregnancy issues like, ad example,  morning sickness, nausea, swelling, water retention and constipation. The intention is to make you feel more relaxed and energetic reducing  your stress, fatigue and worries to promote the healthy growth and development of your baby and  prevent  complications during labour and after delivery.
Preparation for labour
In the Ayurvedic tradition the final months of pregnancy are dedicated to preparing, both mentally and physically, for labour. I will teach you to adopt a routine which includes the introduction of special nourishing food, regular practice of perineum massage with medicated oil and the practice of specific yoga positions which will prepare the body, and especially the birth canal, for delivery. This will also help you to reduce anxiety and fears.
The support of an Ayurdoula during labour ensures that your needs during labour are more easily met. It can shorten labour time and decrease the need for medical interventions such as medication, assisted deliveries and surgery and all of this will help both you and your baby to bond more quickly and easily after delivery. 
Postnatal care
Ayurveda recognises that after the enormous emotional and physical stress of labour and delivery, the mother’s body feels physically and mentally exhausted from the lack of sleep and the excitement, not to mention the worries, of providing for a new life.  In many cultures mothers are traditionally looked after by the female family members butin our society, and especially in big cities, few women are lucky to have an extended family around.  Moreover, many women in our culture feel a pressure to get back to "normal" life as quickly as possible to prove their strength and efficiency.
According to Ayurvedic medicine, instead, the first 42 days after birth - which was traditionally called the “quarantine” – is extremely important for new mothers as it influences their health and ability to be a mother for the next 42 years. It is an extremely delicate time, in which mothers need the most help and support and it is very important that they are properly looked after so that they can regain their strength and immunity and be ready and fit to care for their newborn.
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