doula-ayurveda: Ayurvedic medicine and pregnancy coaching - Holistic care and Ayurvedic treatments for a natural pregnancy
Postnatal care.
Postnatal care is very important for the physical and emotional recovery of new mothers.

My postnatal care  follows the Ayurvedic tradition, which combines a postnatal diet plan and cooking,  herbal remedies, belly binding, hot oil massage (Abhyanga) as well as a constant emotional support and lot of loving care.

I also offer breastfeeding support to help with issues regarding positioning and attachment or signposting to your local breastfeeding organisations. 

First meeting is free of charge.
If you like an 1 hour of Ayurvedic consultation and a postnatal diet plan with recipes £40.

Home visit £15 an hour (minimum 2-3 hours a day) for practical help.

Ayurvedic postnatal massage for £70 for 60 if close to South Est London.
£90 for 90 min

Reflexology  £60.

There is a cancellation fee for late notice( less than 24hours)
£30 for doula service
£50 for massage

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